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What to expect during your stay


Swimming pool (on the hill)


Amenities and extras


Rental process


Villa occupancy

How many people can the villa accommodate?

Koh Samui Villa for Families – Your FAQs:  The Pool on the Hill  offers variety of indoor and outdoor spaces throughout the villa, including this shaded outdoor living room with ocean views

The Pool on the Hill accommodates ten guests in five en suite bedrooms. Throughout the villa, you'll enjoy a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces that can accommodate all ten people at once – or offer smaller groups and individuals the chance for some quiet time.

If your group includes kids and adults, you'll particularly love the two separate music systems on the upstairs level (kitchen/living) and the downstairs pool level. Drake and Deep Purple can coexist – just choose your floor, and relegate the other generation up or downstairs as necessary. Ta daaa: everyone's happy.


How much parking is available?

There’s ample parking for two cars at The Pool on the Hill. For your utter convenience, car rental can be arranged through our concierge team and includes vehicle drop-off and pick-up directly at the villa. 

However, while car rental is a nice perk (especially in Koh Samui's heat), it is possible to walk to and from nearby Choeng Mon Beach and local bars, restaurants, shops and ATMs. It's a twelve-minute walk downhill to the beach (though perhaps slightly longer on the return, as it's a steep hill). In a car, you're door to door in three minutes flat.


Rates and availability

What are the current villa rates?

Our rates page lists the villa rates for The Pool on the Hill across three seasons.

As rates may change and currency exchanges will fluctuate, please get in touch to request a detailed quote for the dates you'd like to book.


What is the rate in my currency?

Our villa rates page states approximate currency exchanges from Thai Baht to U.S. dollars and British pounds. These are given as a helpful reference point – 500 Thai Baht sounds a lot scarier than £11! – and are not fixed. As exchange rates are in constant flux, please request a quote for your dates.


Is the villa available for my dates?

We update the villa's  booking calendar often (with confirmed bookings for which we've received deposits). However, it's just as easy to inquire directly: send us a quick email with your dates and our reservations team will be happy to help.


What's included in the rate?

For starters – the making of a fantastic family vacation on Koh Samui and fibre-optic WiFi. Also included:

  • Accommodation in five en-suite bedrooms for ten guests

  • Full use of villa facilities including chlorine-free infinity pool, fully equipped family kitchen, indoor/outdoor music system and board games

  • Potable tap water and filtered rainwater showers

  • Airport transfer to/from Koh Samui Airport

  • All linens, towels and utilities (water and electric)

  • Solar power battery back-up in case of power cuts

  • Daily housekeeping

  • Estate tennis court access and security


What isn’t included in the rate?

Standard items not included in The Pool on the Hill's villa rate are: 

  • Taxes and service charges (7% VAT & 10% service charge)

  • Any bank fees for credit card payments, bank transfers or PayPal payments

  • Your refundable security deposit

As well, any additional concierge services you would like to enjoy are at extra cost. These might include:

  • Car rental with drop-off and pick-up at the villa

  • Private chef, villa catering and/or Thai cooking lessons

  • Massage and spa treatments enjoyed at
    The Pool on the Hill

  • Pre-stocking food and drink for your stay

  • Yoga, muay Thai and capoeira lessons at the villa

  • Koh Samui day-trips, tours and excursions


Location and what’s nearby

How far is it to the beach? Can we walk?

Yes! You can walk to the beach (even if you're lazy). It’s precisely one kilometre to Choeng Mon Beach (just over half a mile). That's approximately 10 minutes’ walk along fairly quiet, paved roads (no sidewalks). It’s certainly possible to walk, but it’s a steep walk on the return, and we often return by car – just a 3-minute drive. Taxis are available for fellow lazy people.


Is the closest beach suitable for children?

Yes, very much so. The sand on Choeng Mon Beach is soft, there is a variety of restaurants with children’s menus, and shade is available. Koh Samui’s beaches, in general, are popular with families.


What is there to do nearby?

  • Within the community, there’s a tennis court (and a very steep hill if you feel like punishing your quads).

  • Within Choeng Mon, there’s a beach and a small, friendly Thai village. Here you'll find currency exchange and ATMs, some souvenir shopping, a range of restaurants, convenience stores (7-Eleven), massage shops, pharmacies, hairdressers, car rental shops, a gym, and more.


Where's the nearest _________?

  • 7-Eleven: 3-min drive

  • airport: 15-min drive

  • ATM: Choeng Mon (3-min drive)

  • bar: Choeng Mon (3-min drive)

  • beach: Choeng Mon (3-min drive)

  • fresh market: Bang Rak (8-min drive)

  • gym: SALA Samui (2-min drive)

  • hospital: 25-min drive

  • hotel: SALA Samui (2-min drive)

  • pharmacy: Choeng Mon (3-min drive)

  • restaurant: Choeng Mon (3-min drive)

  • shopping mall: 15-min drive

  • Starbucks: Chaweng (15-min drive)

  • supermarket: 15-min drive

  • tennis court: on-property (2-min walk)

  • yoga studio: 8-min drive


Where can we change money? Are there ATMS nearby?

Currency exchanges and ATMs (bank machines) are available near the villa in Choeng Mon. From The Pool on the Hill you can walk to our closest bank branch in approximately ten minutes (or drive there in ≤  three minutes); it’s just outside the entrance to SALA Samui Resort (with a big yellow sign). Both bank tellers and automatic kiosks are available.


Are there neighbours or nearby buildings?

Yes. We are part of a small private gated estate, with a local village at the foot of the hill.


Are you gay-friendly?

Of course.


Can I smoke/ Is the house smoke-free?

To support our eco-ethics, The Pool on the Hill is a 100% smoke-free family villa both inside and out. Smokers are asked to smoke outside, in the driveway area.


Is the villa suitable for a family with children, toddlers or babies?

Koh Samui Family Pool Villa – Your FAQs:  The Pool on the Hill 's suitability as a villa for your family will depend on your children's ages and your level of comfort having them around stairs, water access and delicate furnishings.

The Pool on the Hill is not child-proofed. There are inherent risks in the stairs, the pool and the pond. As at many Koh Samui pool villas and resorts, parental vigilance will be required.

  • Stairs: Accessing rooms and facilities requires navigating several flights of stairs. Therefore, very young, very old or infirm people may find it difficult to navigate the steps safely.

  • Water: There is a pool and a pond, neither of which are fenced.

  • Furnishings: The villa is furnished with delicate objects, materials and fabrics. It is not child-proofed, and we cannot supply such equipment.

However, families with children ranging in ages from 3-17 have stayed at The Pool on the Hill and found the villa perfectly suited their family's needs. For more detail, please see:


Can I bring my dog or cat?

No, we do not accept pets. However, animal-lovers are welcome to enjoy the variety of birdlife and butterflies around the house (and name all the frogs in the pond).


Are there any rules about what I can/can’t do at your house?

  • No illegal drugs (be aware of severe penalties in Thailand)

  • No smoking

  • No activity which is prohibited by the laws of Thailand (or normal decency)

  • And, as explained here, no inflatable pool toys, diving or dangerous behaviour on or near the pool's infinity edge.

What to expect during your stay

Can we expect total peace and quiet?

Villa for Families in Koh Samui – Your FAQs:  The Pool on the Hill  is generally a very relaxing location with beautiful views of Koh Samui from around the house, and the infinity pool deck especially.

It is generally a very relaxing location. During a typical day, you might hear some, none or all of the following background sounds: Planes, fishing boat motors, birds, frogs, the occasional passing car or a chainsaw dispatching a coconut tree to the afterlife. You might hear a neighbour cannonballing into their pool. Roosters, distant dogs barking, rain, monks chanting and temple activity …. In short, the soundtrack of Thai daily life.

Full disclosure: The last time we exclaimed “it’s sooo peaceful here”, we were immediately interrupted by some, um, “R-rated noises” on our outdoor speakers. A stranger’s phone had somehow linked to our Bluetooth at a very inopportune moment and was broadcasting. Live. This was an anomaly that:

(A) has never happened before or since;
(B) is hands-down the hardest we’ve ever laughed, and,
(C) reminds us that Thailand offers new surprises every day.

How private is the house?

We aim to give you great service and maximum privacy. Small parts of some of our social areas – including the deepest end of the pool - can be viewed from neighbouring villas (when occupied). The bedrooms are totally private, of course.

Our villa manager and other staff will visit as necessary for housekeeping, garden and pool maintenance, as well as to provide any concierge services you require.


Will we see or hear other people?

We have neighbours to the side and behind our house, as well as a small village community nearby. We would not expect any of these to intrude on your enjoyment.


What is the security like?

There are 24-hour security guards at the entrance to our gated community, with night-time patrols. CCTV cameras operate on the perimeter of the property. These do not infringe on guest privacy within the villa.  All entrances to the villa have substantial gates. The main entrance has an electronic keypad and automatically locks when shut. Personal safes are provided in each bedroom. You will have a unique lock code for both the entrance gate and your bedroom safe during your stay.


Is there air-conditioning in every room?

Pool Villa for Families in Koh Samui – Your FAQs: All five villa bedrooms at  The Pool on the Hill  offer your family the choice of air-conditioning and ceiling fan, and also include ocean views.

Yes, The Pool on the Hill has air-conditioning in all five bedrooms and the open-plan kitchen/living/dining room. These rooms also have ceiling fans, as do the outdoor covered seating areas. In your bedroom, both the air-conditioning and ceiling fan can be controlled by remote control without getting out of bed.


Is the house any different in real life than in pictures?

We keep our pictures current, and we believe they give an accurate representation of what to expect and what you'll enjoy.

Sunsets are never guaranteed, but our photos aren't enhanced: when they happen, they really are that good.


Are any areas of the house off-limits to guests?

As with a hotel, we have boring back-of-house maintenance areas as well as some out-of-sight storage. All the best bits are right there in front of you. If you really want to see a pool pump … we can arrange.


Who will be on-site with us during our stay?

Frogs and geckos. Butterflies, perhaps. Myna birds and Indian rollers are semi-resident. For staff and concierge details, see this related answer.

Swimming pool (on the hill)

Is there a pool?

Yes! The Pool on the Hill offers you an infinity pool that's fresh water, chlorine-free, approximately 14 metres long and big enough for your entire family group.


Is the pool heated?

No, the pool is not heated. This is typical for villas on Koh Samui and throughout Thailand. What does this mean if you’re a wimp? After rain, or in cooler periods (often Nov/Dec/Jan) you might find it too cool for your tastes. On the other hand, at its warmest, we’ve recorded the pool temperature above 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit). That's right around bath temperature.

In our family, our most devoted cannonball devotees are happy to jump in any day of the year, while our wimpier relatives are less keen after heavy rain.

Is the pool fenced?

Villa for Families in Koh Samui, Thailand – Your FAQs:  The Pool on the Hill 's infinity pool is accessed directly from the pool deck and two of the villa's five bedrooms

No. The pool is unfenced and is directly accessible from the villa's pool deck. On the infinity edge, there is a gully and a steep drop. For this reason, inflatable pool toys are not allowed in the pool.


Where can I rent a pool fence?

There is no practical way to fence the pool.


How is the pool “chlorine free”?

Our pool uses hydrogen peroxide (instead of chlorine) to sterilise which immediately breaks down in the sunshine to water and oxygen. The result is a fresh-water pool with a silky feel and no green hair.


Could my child fall off your swimming pool?

Yes, there is a risk. The pool is unfenced and is directly accessible from the pool deck. On the infinity edge, there is a gully and a steep drop. For this reason, inflatable pool toys are not allowed in the pool and children should be supervised at all times. A waiver will be required to ensure safe conduct in and around the pool.


How deep is the pool?

Koh Samui Pool Villa for Families in Choeng Mon – Your FAQs:  The Pool on the Hill 's infinity pool has a shallow end with wide steps and is 1.7 metres (5.5 feet) at the deep end.

1.1 metres at the shallow end and 1.7 metres at the deep end (3.6 and 5.5 feet, respectively). Diving is not permitted. The pool is accessed by steps at the shallow end. The top steps are wide and are a nice place to read (with a waterproof Kindle). 


How often do you clean the swimming pool?

The water circulates most of the day for filtration and treatment. Exact running hours are adjusted according to use. A contracted pool service visits twice a week to ensure everything is in prime condition.


Is the pool deck slippery?

The entire pool deck is paved with light sandstone, chosen for its non-slip properties, although caution around a pool is always prudent. It doesn’t get hot to the touch in strong sun, so your feet stay happy.


What's on the other side of the swimming pool?

A good view and a steep drop. For this reason, inflatable pool toys are not allowed in the pool and children should be supervised at all times. A waiver will be required to ensure safe conduct in and around the pool. Standing in the pool resting your arms on the infinity edge is a very comfortable way to enjoy the view, but please don’t take risks with the drop. Climbing on or over the edge is prohibited.


Do you provide inflatable pool toys?

No, they are not provided and are not permitted.


Can we use inflatable pool toys?

No. It’s literally an infinity-edged pool, and it’s a long drop on the other side. Please enjoy floaty toys on nearby Choeng Mon Beach and Instagram your heart out.


Are pool towels provided?

Yes – they're enormous and very fluffy.

Amenities and extras

Can we book yoga, massages and spa treatments to have at the house?

Yes. Discover the many concierge services available to you and your family at The Pool on the Hill, including car rental direct from the villa, catered sunset BBQs and yoga or muay Thai lessons on the pool deck.


Can you help us with tour bookings and other arrangements?

Yes, definitely. Once booked, you'll have the full support of our concierge team – they can even arrange to have a rental car dropped off for you.


Are there gardens and tropical plants?

Yes! The Pool on the Hill has a small enclosed garden and a pond beside the open-plan kitchen/living area. It contains:

  • a variety of palm trees

  • an ‘Indiana Jones’ ficus tree

  • a beautiful orchid tree that flowers much of the year

  • a very, content mango tree (fruits once a year)

All of the above attract a variety of tropical birds and butterflies. Feel free to name any of the many frogs that visit the lily pond. Bougainvillea, frangipanis and orchids are favourite plants found throughout the house and gardens.

(Then choose your nine favourite friends and family members)